MTG Tracker & Life Counter v6.3.13 APK [Latest]

MTG Tracker & Life Counter

MTG Tracker & Life Counter

MTG Tracker is an easy-to-use and complete toolbox for Magic the Gathering ® players
User reviews
– “Worth every penny! This will catalog your entire collection, wish list, decks, stats of your decks, life counter, and card search…A++++”
– “Awesome by far the best MTG app on the market. I never play magic without this app.”
– “Excellent App Best Magic app by far, well worth the price when I bought it. The trade feature and constant updates make this a magic players best friend”
– “Awesome app. Best life counter and trader there is. I don’t regret purchasing it at all.”
– “Great app Have no complaints. Has trader, life tracker, deck lists, etc. Worth it!”
– “Great app. I love the fact that I can now create, edit, and update my decks on the go. The stat tracker is a nifty function but I really like having a complete card database in an easy-to-use app like this. And the life counter is just gravy. Easily, EASILY worth the price. Probably the best app I have right now.”

App Description
From life counter with stats recording to deck building with in-app search and much more. Great on a phone, awesome in tablets!

Main features:
* Life counter and poison tracker (multiplayer)
* EDH (Commander) & 2HG modes for the life counter
* Deck Manager, with stats, mana curve and hand generator
* Card search (in app) up to date
* Trade functionality
* Player profiles / Decks per player
* Random Card search (great for Momir Basic)
* Card pricing (prices courtesy of and
* Stats recording per player, deck and opponent deck (multiplayer stats are not recorded)
* Deck importer (Apprentice and MWS formats)
* Mana tracker (click on the pentagon at the right of players name)
* Wishlist / Collection
* Tournament mode
* Coin/dice

MTG Tracker does not know about the complex rules of the game Magic The Gathering ®. It is just a helper tool. Card images are retrieved from WotC servers.
Magic The Gathering ® (mtg) is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast.
This application is not affiliated to Wizards of the Coast or Magic The Gathering ® in any way.

What’s New
– Added Battlebound
– Fixed migration issues when some cards were displayed as a different one


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  • MTG Tracker & Life Counter Screenshot


MTG Tracker & Life Counter v6.3.13 APK / Mirror

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